Nida Fatima is the next trendsetter in the world of the fashion industry with different vibrating colors and innovative concepts, which are consolidated with traditional and modern patterns. With her exclusive articles holding a glimpse of both western and eastern sense of fashion, the philosophy of producing the untouched work of fad is what Nida Fatima is all about. By giving the actual name to the brand, Nida Fatima portrays the rooted sense of fashion culture in her brand. As someone has very rightly said that “Everyone had the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark” and Designer Nida Fatima nailed it with her first steps in this diversified industry. Nida Fatima is the name of the brand behind which, the mind of innovators of modern fashion sense is working that is not limited to ready-to-wear and unstitched apparel only but also the latest venture of retail includes leather products, keychains, wallets, and winter accessories. Nida Fatima is a luxury retailer of the fashion industry with elite and classic touch for modern women as well as men.
Nida is a Gold Medalist, Graduated in textile design from renowned Lahore college for women university. She also studied visual arts from National College of Arts, Lahore. She always used to think beyond the wall, on a bigger canvas. Her hard work, passion, and innovation reflects in her work. She is a dreamer and gave vision to her brand by coming up with a broader spectrum of fashion designs and knowing what she exactly imagines of Nida Fatima.